Schedules and Covid Info

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East Select Soccer – Covid Information, Scheduling & Dates

2021 Covid-19 Related Info


In order to keep things as convenient as possible for East Select Soccer families, we will continue to use local gyms and fields in Duluth for practices. Please see below for our seasonal practice schedules.

ESS February Winter Schedule  

Practice Schedules

ESS April and May Schedule

Summer Coaching Schedule

Summer Schedule 2023

Where We Practice

When outside we will practice at Duluth East, Ordean and Lowell.

Destination Fitness will be held in the Duluth East weight room until summer.

Turf Rules

  • No sports drinks, seeds, gum or sticky food/drink on the turf.
  • No metal spikes on the track or turf.
  • Athletes are not permitted in the stadium without a coach.

Dietitian/High School Rules/Destination Fitness/Lung Association Notes

Please Click Here to view the powerpoint from Thursday, April 25th

ESS At Home Training Program

With the uncertainty of when we will be able to train together as a club again we would like to have the kids begin doing at home training. The difficulty of this at the moment is while Covid-19 is making it impossible for us to train together, the weather is also making it difficult to be outside. We encourage families to be creative in finding space to complete their daily soccer tasks; a garage, driveway or alley should work for a number of the drills until the snow is gone.

At Home Skill Trainings Week 1

Pele’s Version 1

Pele’s Version 2

Pele’s Version 3

Juggling Progession

At Home Games Week 1

Soccer Golf

Soccer “H-O-R-S-E”

At Home Training Week 2 (posted May 4)

Dribbling Warmup and Activity

Quick Feet


Soccer Shuttle

At Home Conditioning

Mailbox Run

ESS Keeper Training (Posted 5/4)

Proper Catching

Hands Warmup

Sitting Dives


Footwork and Diving 1

Footwork and Diving 2

At Home Training Week 3 (Posted 5/18)

Footwork Progression

Moves Instructional

Moves Drill