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Girls Soccer – 

    2024 Schedules-

    Varsity and JV Schedules– These dates should not change but times and locations are movable based on the availability of fields and officials.

    B/C Team Schedules– Please note that games may change based on other schools ability to field teams. Local games will be added once we know the other schools schedules/number of teams.

    Full Program Schedule- Please note this can and will change but will be updated as we go.

    A note about Schedules

    Please note that this is the projected schedule, times and locations may change due to weather, school events, or field availability. Club team schedules are projected, we have found in the past some schools don’t have the numbers they had hoped and thus drop a team or two. We also will be adding more local games once they establish their numbers and teams.

    Team Meetings

    B/C Team Meetings are Thursday, August 17th at 5pm in the Baseball Stadium at Duluth East
    Top 40 Team Meetings are Thursday, August 17th immediately after Greyhound Nation meeting in the Baseball Stadium at Duluth East


    Please note this is when we have reserved time, coaches may cancel some practices due to conflicts or to give the kids a day off. Communication on this will come from the team coach.

    Interested in Volunteering?

    For volunteer availability and information please inquire with the main contact what is available.

    Summer Soccer Information-

    Duluth East Girls Soccer does not affiliate itself with any summer club, program or camp. If you are interested in playing summer soccer please use the link below for available programs in the Duluth area. If your club, program or camp is not listed and you would like it listed please click the “contact high school coaches” tab and we will have the information added.

    Thanks and GO GREYHOUNDS

    Club List