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East Select Soccer – Information for Pre-Tryout Meetings & Tryouts

ESS Tryouts

Starting in the summer of 2020 ESS will be changing the structure of our teams and team placement, for information on the club structure Click Here


Due to the weather forecast all ESS activities will be postponed for Sunday, 10/13.

Save the dates- All U11-18 tryouts will be held between 10/23 and 10/27.

Wednesday 10/23
4-5:15- U11/12 Boys at Ordean
5:30-6:45- U11/12 Girls at Ordean

6-7:30- U13/14 Boys at Duluth East
7:30-9- U15/16 Boys at Duluth East
9-10:30- U17/18 Boys at Duluth East

Thursday 10/24- All sessions at Duluth East
6-7:30- U13/14 Girls
7:30-9- U15/16 GIrls
9-10:30- U17/18 Girls

Friday 10/25- Weather Makeup Day

Saturday 10/26- All sessions at Duluth East
8-9:30- U17/18 Girls
9:45-11:15- U15/16 Girls
11:30-1- U13/14 Girls
1:30-3:00- U13/14 Boys
3:15-4:45- U15/16 Boys
5-6:30- U17/18 Boys

Sunday 10/27- Weather Makeup Day

Unsure of what age group to tryout for? Please reference the table below for the 2020 summer season.

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Tryout Reminders

  • Come ready to play with proper equipment, ball, and water at Least 1/2 hour early.
  • Under 10 players – teams will be filled with age-appropriate players – and playing levels will be offered based on the number of players registered.
  • No players will be “cut” at the U9 or U10 provided we have enough room on the rosters, however, there may be players who don’t have roster spot. The MYSA mandates the roster numbers and we must follow those rules. Players not making a roster can participate in the Youth Development Program and other training opportunities offered by ESS.
  • Teams will be organized based on tryout performance and coaches recommendations.
  • We encourage players to attend tryouts even if they have missed previous tryout sessions.
  • Inform coaches if you are injured or if you have any special circumstances.
  • Inform coaches if you need to go to an alternate session due to a conflict in your schedule.
  • East Select Soccer will make every effort to provide a place to play to as many players as it can under MYSA rules.
  • ESS reserves the right to keep the full or partial fee if a player quits after signing up and going through the tryout process. Team fees are figured by taking into account the expenses and the number of players on each team, so when a player quits that increases the cost for all participants.
  • When a player quits after making the team – they have taken the spot from another player that was cut. Under most circumstances that player can’t be signed up at a later date so then ESS must absorb the cost.
  • Full fees will be full or partially reimbursed in the case where injuries, a family move, or other unforeseen circumstances arise. This will be decided by the board on a case-by-case basis.
  • In the event that a player should decide to quit or transfer to another placement prior to December 1st, there will be no additional costs to the family as we have then been notified prior to submitting rosters.
  • ESS reserves the right to “SELECT” players based on prior playing experience, coaches recommendations, and other factors.
  • Keep in mind – ESS is run by VOLUNTEERS, the program makes every effort to be sensitive to cuts and will attempt to communicate to potential players and parents to the best of their ability. We do not profess to be perfect but will do our best to.

What Coaches Will Look For

  • Athletic ability – physical characteristics like speed, quickness
  • Heading – fearless, attacking the ball
  • Shooting – proper technique and accuracy
  • Finishing – composure around the net, don’t panic
  • Passing – Accurate, composed and proper body position
  • Trapping – under control and purposeful direction
  • Soccer Sense – understands the game, rules, & strategies
  • Sportsmanship – towards referees, opponents, & coaches
  • Movement – what you do without the ball
  • Enthusiasm – your passion for the game

League Play & Tournaments

What to Expect

  • Competitive soccer offers local players the opportunity to compete against skilled teams from inside and outside the area.
  • Competitive soccer includes more practice and development work and requires more commitment from both players and parents.
  • Teams could play between 5-6 away games in the Twin Cities on weekday evenings. (Can be less if other local teams compete in your league)
  • ESS competitive programs use tryouts or selections to determine which players will participate.
  • ESS teams may travel to one or more tournaments outside the Duluth area in addition to the Lake Superior Open hosted by Ess.
  • All teams involved in this program will receive foreign professional coaching as a supplement to our own licensed and trained team coaches.