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Duluth East Soccer & East Select Soccer

Duluth East Youth Soccer



Congrats to 2017 Girls Captains: McKenzie Nelson, Anna Mayer and Gracie Butchart



2017 Girls Teams

Thank You for all players who tried out, if you did not make a team I there are AYSA teams that are forming that will allow you to keep playing this fall.  If you did not make a team and want a written evaluation one can be provided, if interested e-mail Steve Polkowski and one will be given.  Phone calls will not be accepted and e-mails looking for evaluations will be responded to in the order they are recieved, this process does take time as it is the start of the season and I start teaching soon.




Click Here for 2017 Rosters


For those who have made a team, please check the schedule page for the practice schedule, practices start tomorrow.


Duluth East High School Girls Soccer

For those who were selected to a team there will be a mandatory meeting, Thursday August 17th at 6:00pm at Duluth East. This will be to go over all yearly expectations, procedures and fund raising (PLEASE BRING YOUR CHECKBOOK)

For those who were not selected for a team, thank you for all of your hard work during the past two days and please consider joining a team through AYSA. The numbers and competition were both very high this year, you made the decisions very difficult for the coaches and we would love to see you continue with this great game and tryout again next year.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be movement between JV and Varsity and between B and C Teams.

Forms: All forms are located at the bottom of this page.

Team Explanations: Click here for a PDF

Grade Level Explanations: Click here for a PDF



For Duluth East girls soccer gear please click on the link, the last day to place orders is Monday August 24th. click here 




Congrats to 2017 Boys Captains: Evan Abrahams, Nick Lanigan, and Nolan Friday



2017 Boys TEAMS



Click Here for 2017 Rosters





Team Offerings

Duluth East will be offering a Varsity, JV, B and C team this season.  The Varsity and JV are school sanctioned teams while the B and C teams are not school sanctioned.  Players selected for the B and C teams may not play for the Varsity or JV teams during the season.


Below is a rough breakdown of estimated numbers that will be selected for each team

Varsity 16-20 players

JV 18-22 players

B Team 20-22 players

C Team 20-22 players


Requirements for all High School Players (Boys & Girls)


Required Physicals

All Athletes(Grades 7-12) participating in school sanctioned activities are required to have Physicals on record at the High School Activities Office.  7th and 10th Graders participating in Varsity or JV Soccer are required to have a new physical date NO EARLIER than 6/1/2017.  Physicals are NOT required for Athletes participating on the B or C teams.



For all Varsity and JV players- Your forms will be done electronically this year, please click here for online registration.


All club players (B & C Only) will be required to fill out 3 forms and must be turned on Thursday at Greyhound Nation:

Chemical and Behavior Policy: Click Here

Eligibility Form: Click Here

Emergency Contact Form: Click Here


Form Collection

Forms will be collected the evening of the Duluth East All Sports meeting held on Thursday 8/17






Duluth East Youth Soccer