The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when no one else is watching.

- Anson Dorrance

Duluth East Soccer & East Select Soccer

Duluth East Youth Soccer


2017 Winter Schedules: 

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St Johns School: 1 W. Chisholm St
Take Woodland Avenue one block past W. Chisholm St, turn left onto W Hubbell St. This will bring you to the back of the school (there will be a do not enter sign but this does not apply during non-school hours), enter the door next to the gym.


YMCA Duluth: 302 W. First St
Go in the main enterance off of First Street, you will need to check in with the main loby and go to the gym upstairs. When you are looking at the pool go to the left and up one flight of stairs, this will bring you to the gym we will be practicing in.


Laura MacArthur: 720 N. Central Ave

Take Hwy 35 south to Central Avenue, turn right off the exit and then turn right onto Grand Avenue. Take the left hand turn across from Menards onto Elinor St. This will bring you behind the school, on Saturdays we will need to gain access to the gym through the Valley Community Center on the bottom level of the school, the doors will be opened and there will be signs guiding you where to go. On weeknights you can gain access to the school through the main door at the front of the school.






2017 Impact Sports Training Schedule: See Winter Schedule

Training will be at Impact Sports until school is out, once professional coaching starts IST will be held at Duluth East High School.

(please note that sessions could be added or changed based on attendance)


Rules for IST:

- A clean/dry pair of shoes must be put on once in the facilities, do not wear workout shoes into facility.

- Please bring a water bottle, NO SPORTS DRINKS.

- Because space is limited, please show up only a few minutes prior to your scheduled workout.



2017 Summer Professional Coaching Schedule:

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Turf Rules:

- No sports drinks, seeds, gum or sticky food/drink on the turf.

- No metal spikes on the track or turf.

- Athletes are not permitted in the stadium without a coach.


Dietitian Notes

Dietition Notes (Speaker 4/16/13)

Duluth East Youth Soccer