Information & Dates

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Information & Dates

2019 marks our inaugural trip to England which will become a bi-annual trip for ESS players. Our trip will be placed in a time of year that will not disrupt the ESS season or the Lake Superior Open, meaning kids participating in this trip will be able to participate in the full summer soccer season.

ESS is Heading to England

For decades ESS has worked with foreign professional coaches in Duluth, in 2019 ESS will be taking a team to England to receive professional coaching and a cultural exchange with the Northampton Football Club. On this trip players of ESS will experience a unique soccer experience which will include stadium tours, training on the British Football Association grounds, viewing professional matches and playing British club team, all while being paired with the Northampton club team. Making this trip a soccer and cultural exchange.


This trip will take place at the end of July in 2019 and will not conflict with the Lake Superior Open or other ESS events. Players interested in participating must be an active member of East Select Soccer.


Meetings will take place approximately every month to make sure all fundraising, schedules, accommodations and flights are on schedule. Please check back regularly for specific dates and locations.

Main Contact

For more information please contact Steve Polkowski at coachstevepolkowski@gmail.com.